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Breaking trail for Brazilian music in North America. 4 star DownBeat review. A unique sound, spanning Brazilian traditional choro from the early 20th century to forro and modern choro jazz.  Features clarinet, accordion, 7-string guitar, piano and percussion/drums.

Real music!  Articulate, entertaining, even educational. Not just live… it’s alive! Award winning Dexter Payne has performed extensively throughout the US, Canada, Brazil and Latin America, as well as France and Turkey… and DPQ is comprised of his favorite musicians ANYWHERE: Dave Willey, Bill Kopper, Victor Mestas, Raoul Rossiter.

from DEXTER PAYNE QUINTET JAZZ FOR ALL– a solid offering with cameo by vocalist Elena Camerin Young. More about all this, later. For now, click on the picture and let the music speak…

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On a 2 1/2 yr musical odyssey , playing with bands and artists from Tijuana to Buenos Aires, Dexter also visited Brazil for 10 months, where he recorded with samba icon Beth Carvalho, and where met the late composer/percussionist, Gaudencio Thiago de Mello. (De Mello, in an earlier life, coached a championship Botafogo soccer team. Among the players was Brazilian legend, Garincha.) It was there he met composer guitarist, Antonio Mello as well as Thiago. Together they recorded an afternoon of instrumentals, mostly penned by Antonio, that would become Payne’s first full album as the lead voice. After four recordings with Thiago de Mello  in NYC, he made Pra VocĂȘ with the Quintet, a group of amazing players, which got the attention of DownBeat Magazine in a 4 star review..

The latest is “Jazz For All” with all the players of the previous quintet album, plus a magical vocal cameo by Elena Camerin Young. Made possible, in part, by a grant from Pathways to Jazz.

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