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Dexter solo, in the Tank – no overdubs    Order/Download now

“nowhere left to go but in, reverberant dyadic overlaps, the clear bead at the center changes everything (rūmī), wood of clarinet, breath of ney, overtones of alto, wonderfully focused storytelling, glacial mapping, sonic esoterica, interiority, shades of mccandless, circular, deep listening, altered states, thanks for sending, much joy in these flotations.”
says the  amazing and prolific Scot Ray

It’s a new adventure!  

Support the artist still known as Dexter Payne:   DONATE

The world changes fast! No more "do you have a CD player?" Instead:
"How do you consume music?"
I mean, how do you listen? The answer, of course:
"Spotify/Amazon/Apple/Tidal/YouTube etc."   Great!
Im SO EXCITED that people around the world hear this music and can follow - telling the algorithms something is happening over here... It's thrilling.
But returns? 2 stream might get a penny, depending on the platform.
The solution:
1. DONATE (direct through Paypal)
2. Follow, on all platforms!
If you're out for a walk and pass a stranger on the path...
"DId you see those clouds?" or " Look at the roses!" Everybody wins.
This is now the way to keep music flowing.
From me. To you. What we both want!
Thanks in advance!!

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