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Dexter Payne & Thiago de Mello @ DazzleRead some of the story. Look around… and listen.
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PRA VOCÊ by Dexter Payne Quartet +1 is a musical journey. It’s like a condensed soundtrack for Dexter’s 8000 mile southern odyssey.

READ THE CRITICS: Huff Post, OffBeat Magazine,
AllAboutJazz.com and a 4 star review in DownBeat.

WATCH VIDEOS: live recording footage of  Pra Você &
Colorado Brazil Fest at eTown Hall.


On a 2 1/2 yr musical odyssey , traveling slow and meeting collaborators from Tijuana to Buenos Aires, Dexter's goal was Brazil, where he recorded with samba icon Beth Carvalho, and where met the late composer/percussionist, Gaudencio Thiago de Mello. (De Mello, in an earlier life, coached a championship Botafogo soccer team with the legendary Garincha.) In Manaus he met composer/guitarist, Antonio Mello. Soon as he heard Antonio's music he said, "This is why I came here!" Together the three recorded an afternoon of instrumentals, mostly penned by Antonio - "Inspiration". Later, recording (four albums) with Thiago de Mello  in NYC resulted in a nod from DownBeat's Readers Poll. Then "Pra Você" with the Quintet, a group of amazing players, appeared in DownBeat with a 4 star review..

"Jazz For All" is the latest, with the same quintet plus a magical vocal cameo by Elena Camerin Young. the album was made possible, in part, by a grant from Pathways to Jazz.  


"Reedman Dexter Payne has not been an easy musician to categorize. The Denver, CO-based clarinetist and alto/baritone saxophonist (who has also played harmonica, flute, and percussion on occasion) has played jazz extensively, but he has also played everything from electric blues to folk-rock to world and Latin music. Over the years, Payne's associations have ranged from acoustic country bluesman Barbecue Bob to Brazilian percussionist Thiago de Mello to the late folk-rock/blues singerJudy Roderick (who was Payne's musical partner for 16 years and, sadly, died of a heart attack in 1992 due to complications from diabetes). Payne and Roderick played together in a swing band calledthe Big Sky Mudflaps in the '70s, and in 1983 they formed an R&B band called Judy Roderick & the Forbears. Payne has also been heard in African pop settings."         Alex Henderson - AllMusic Guide

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